Strategizing To Have Your Magazine Ad Viewed

So you might have already discovered the true benefits of placing your ads on big magazines like the Magazines Today. You’ve been advertising monthly, but you noticed that your market becomes stagnant. Don’t you think that there could be something you should do to increase your reached target? People might sometimes find it boring looking at the same ad on the same page of the magazine. The good news is that there is something that you can actually do to surprise magazine readers and have them more engaged to your ad.

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After you’ve carefully written your ad copy, developed your headline, chosen specific typography, selected your images and created the layout for your Magazines Today print ad, your work is not done. Choosing your ad placement in Magazines Today is the last key step to ensure you get the maximum impact from your ad. Consider the section of the publication, page side and editorial proximity as you negotiate your advertising. Premium Positioning on Magazines Today will be offered at a higher rate. However, Premium Positions place your advertisement in the most highly viewed pages. Outside Back Cover (OBC), Inside Front Cover (IFC) and Opposite Table of Contents (OTOC) are three of the best areas for an advertisement with Magazines Today. They are the most viewed pages of a magazine. Most of the time you will pay a premium rate for such positions but you will have placed your message in best possible outcome. You can still secure a great placement for your ad if you are unable to secure a Premium Position. Opposite Editorial and a Right Hand Read are always great positions in any magazine and more than often can be secured with no up charge through negotiation.

Here a few key important tips when choosing your ad position in Magazines Today.

  • Always go premium placement if it is available and in your budget (negotiate)
  • Choose or negotiate right hand reads
  • Always ask to be in the front 25% of the magazine
  • Negotiate better rate and placement through offering to secure multiple issues
  • If your budget is tight, ask the magazine to place you on their remnant offering list

The key to advertising is with Magazines Today consistency. One-offs are great for events or promotions, not very effective for branding or advertising. The flip to that is if you’re choosing a magazine to advertise in for the first time.

Print Media is Relevant… Look at some of the 2013-14 stats

According to a data analysis, magazines continue to score significantly higher than TV and online in ad attention and receptivity, as well as other key engagement dimensions.

People exposed to print magazine advertising campaigns spent significantly more (+3% to +36%) than those consumers not exposed (test vs. control).

According to a research, over 50% of magazine readers took action, or planned to take action, based on specific advertising seen in magazines. A recent AdSense study found that magazines are highly engaging, with 49% of respondents turning to magazines for ‘me-time’ and 45% to treat themselves. AdSense also discovered that regardless of the age of the consumer magazines like Magazines Today are trusted. 


Why Businesses Should Invest On Print Ads

As far back as Ancient Egypt, advertising has served a critical purpose in the business world by enabling sellers to effectively compete with one another for the attention of buyers. Whether the goods and services your company provides are a necessity, a luxury or just a bit of whimsy, you can’t rely on a one-time announcement or word-of-mouth chatter to keep a steady stream of customers. A strong commitment to advertising is as much an external call to action as it is an internal reinforcement to your sales team.

Advertising then with a publishing industry like Magazines Today might offer you limitless benefits. An ad placed in a page or two of a Magazines Today edition might allow you to reach numerous readers not only on the day of its publications but even years after. Of course there are a lot more important benefits to working with the publishing industry, and here are some reasons that might encourage you to place your ad in a magazine.



The primary objective of advertising is to get the word out that you have something exciting to offer, says George Felton, author of “Advertising: Concept and Copy.” It can be anything from an upcoming entertainment event you’re promoting, a new product line you’re selling, a political campaign you’re managing, the expansion of an existing platform of services or officially hanging out a shingle for your first business. Whether your promotion takes the form of print ads by the publishing industry, commercials, billboards or handbills, the content adheres to the rules of journalism by identifying who, what, when, where and why.

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Advertising with a publishing industry through Magazines Today helps to raise your target demographic’s awareness of issues with which they may be unfamiliar as well as educate them on the related benefits of your product or service. A popular example of this is the health care industry. If, for instance, a consumer reads an ad in which someone describes aches and pains that are similar to those experienced by the reader, the ad not only identifies a probable cause but suggests a potential remedy or treatment option to discuss with her doctor.


Advertising with the publishing industry through Magazines Today invites your target audience to evaluate how your product or service measures up against your competitors. Demonstrations of household cleaning products are a good example of this because they provide compelling visual evidence of which product does a faster and more effective job of tackling stubborn stains. Political ads are another example of how advertising serves up side-by-side comparisons of the candidates’ qualifications and voting records for readers and viewers to make informed choices at the polls.


An ongoing advertising campaign is essential in reminding your existing customers that you’re still around. Like I said, an ad placed with a publishing industry like the Magazines Today might confuse people whether your business is still alive or not but by placing ads every edition or every other edition might appear like an indication that your business is very much live and doing well for it to afford such many ads.


When people ask your employees where they’re working, the latter will likely feel better about their jobs if the reaction to their reply is, “Wow! I’ve heard a lot of great things about that store” instead of “Nope, never heard of it” or “Oh, are they still around?” Investing in an advertising plan with a publishing industry keeps your business an active part of the conversational vocabulary and community buzz. This, in turn, gives your workers a sense of pride and emotional ownership in an enterprise that’s generating positive feelings and name recognition.