Why Bring Your Ads To Digital Magazines

What is the difference between digital advertising and internet advertising, what is the latest trend in the industry and how do big companies allocate their digital marketing budgets?

Digital advertising is a broad term that describes a set of advertising processes that encapsulates all available digital channels to promote a product or service or build a digital brand. Digital advertising has come to succeed traditional marketing and the transition from paper and newspaper ads to Facebook and PPC campaigns.

The channels that make up digital advertising include: Web sites, Social media platforms, Banner placement, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, pay per click campaigns, Web TV, SMS, billboards and anything else with a digital foundation.

So let’s say you are wishing to take your ads to the internet and you have an option to either use a digital strategy or use an online magazine like the Magazines Today for your publications and ads. Facebook use is very rampant these days and this also allows online magazines to become widely read. Sharing the magazine content with your ad in it can reach the millions of readers in no time.


The logic here is that your internet advertising can use digital marketing for it to be at a widespread!

Magazines Today publications can indeed be brought to social media, and your products and services can target the right customers in no time.

Image courtesy of Maialisa at pixabay.com

Unless you have a strong aversion to dealing with reality you’ve no doubt become aware of the fact the human race has gone mobile. Smartphones were adopted in a relatively short amount of time and have great influence on consumers. Additionally, this increased mobile usage has led to an increase in the consumption of digital content.

80% of ads respondents took some kind of action after downloading the digital version of a magazine like the Magazines Today publications such as visiting the magazine’s website, social media sites, or recommending the magazine to a friend or family member. Every person might already get a gadget as soon as they learn how to efficiently read and understand terms, and this makes online ads through Magazines Today publications very advantageous.

10% of tablet owners read digital magazines almost every day, and 13% of tablet users read digital magazines at least once per week. 17% of tablets users said they read digital magazines one to three times per month, while 40% read digital magazines once per month.

What do these figures mean to marketers considering advertising in a digital magazine? Digital magazines offer tremendous benefits unmatched by other media channels.

Reach Readers beyond Regional Boundaries

Digital magazines like Magazines Today publications have the ability to reach readers on a global scale. They have become a powerfully engaging way to keep a reader’s interest while maintaining loyalty, even when readers have moved to another location. Digital magazines allow publishers to send content to readers no matter their location.

Faster Publishing and Distribution

Digital magazines reach their audience in a very short amount of time, and online readers often consume the edition the very same day it’s distributed.

Content Flexibility

One of the advantages digital magazines have is that they can contain an increase in the number of pages without changing the layout or having to condense text to work with a particular format. Also, publishers do not incur additional costs for paper or printing additional pages in a digital version of a magazine, which means no additional fees are passed on to advertisers.

Digital Magazines like Magazines Today publications Don’t Kill the Printed Versions

Some would have you believe digital publishing replaces print, but this is simply not so – there is room for both printed and digital magazines. In fact, the MPA factbook reports 87% of those interested in reading magazines on a mobile device still want a printed copy. Owning the digital publication of a magazine does not stop readers from wanting the printed copy as well.

Better Understanding of Readers

True customer satisfaction often relies on two-way communication, and digital publishing software allows digital magazines to track reader engagement and identify preferred topics, which can then enhance future publications. When content is created around the audience’s interests, they are more engaged and more apt to click on advertisements distributed throughout the content.

Digital magazines like Magazines Today publications indeed offer an enhanced brand advertising experience because they place the reader in a highly designed editorial context which drives reader engagement and purchase intent. Publishers can then use special tracking software that uncovers actionable insights into how audiences engage with editorial and advertising content, which allows advertisers to tailor future campaigns for maximum results.


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