How Small Businesses Benefit From E-Newsletters

Recent research shows that 91% of consumers check their emails at least once a day, and accordingly 89% of marketers said that email marketing is their primary channel for lead generation. So even if you are just starting your business, you should already invest on newsletters Christchurch which can be prepared for you by Magazines Today.

Based on the statistics highlighted above, as well as experts’ observations of newsletters Christchurch engagement trends, it’s clear that having a regular e-Newsletter, or e-zine, in circulation has proven to be a leading way to communicate with clients, members and stakeholders alike.

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Email marketing tools such as newsletters Christchurch by Magazines Today can easily develop awareness of relevant topics or issues that could affect your readers. Here’s why…

Automation of EVERYTHING: You can send your e- newsletters Christchurch developed by Magazines Today to your entire database with the click of a few buttons. You can also set an ideal time and date in the future to ensure your e-Newsletter is sent at a time that guarantees optimum engagement. MoST will automatically send the e-Newsletter to your e-Newsletter database at the set time.

Timing and distribution aren’t the only things that are automated.

Seamless Audience Segmentation: You can segment your existing database and target only those that have indicated an interest in the subject or focus covered in your email campaign. You can filter your database based on predetermined fields in order to establish reliable segments. Effective newsletters Christchurch should reach only the correct audience and Magazines Today might be able to help you sort your contacts out.

Database Maintenance Made Easy: Frequent maintenance of your database will ensure that your e- newsletters Christchurch by Magazines Today are reaching the right audience. In addition, after an e-Newsletter is sent out, an automatic distribution report can be sent to you to show the number of successful and unsuccessful deliveries. For unsuccessful deliveries the report provides the recipient’s name, email address and reason of error (e.g. Invalid email address).   

 Customised Design and Content: Your e- newsletters Christchurch by Magazines Today can hold a look and feel that echoes your website, or it can hold its own unique design template created by one of Magazine Today’s experienced designers.

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Statistical Reporting: Understand audience engagement patterns even better by generating and exporting dynamic reports. The reporting feature provides you with data on how many people have received, opened, read and clicked on particular links in each e-Newsletter distributed.


Reasons Why Online Advertising is Also Valuable to Online Publishing Houses

Once upon a time, online advertising had a shady reputation. Luckily for publishers, that’s all in the past. Online advertising has become a new way of life, and a way of business. There are at least seven different legitimate ways respected publishing houses like Magazines Today are making money through online advertising. And this post is about why they’re using online advertising to begin with. 

The online advertising industry has improved its reputation, and consumers have become more accustomed to seeing these ads. Even the once-dreaded popup ad has become routine, especially when it’s carefully aligned with your content, which is a Mequoda Best Practice.

The benefits of online advertising, from popups to native advertising, are numerous. On your own website or any other, you can build traffic readily, especially when you’re doing it in conjunction with organic audience development efforts. However, it still pays to advertise with online publishing houses like Magazines Today.

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Readers are now becoming highly interested in looking for good reads online. Although sometimes they cause a bit higher than the print, the convenience of reading via e-books or e-magazines sometimes beat the traditional magazines. This is why business today choose to bring their ads online through Magazines Today publishing houses.

The five huge benefits of online advertising with online publishing houses like magazines Today include:

Cost efficiency

Your online ads will be viewed by millions of people, anytime in the day and anywhere the reader might be. You can’t say that about print advertising or direct mail. You can’t get much more cost-effective than the price you pay the publishing houses like Magazines Today.

Social media, of course, can free via posts and Tweets. And pay-per-impression or pay-per-click advertising allows you to pay only when your ad is seen or clicked on. The beauty of the web is that hosts like Google can deliver your ads directly to people who are interested in your products, delivering far more bang for your buck than other types of advertising.

Native advertising/advertorials

Advertorials, also known as native advertising, were once anathema to print publishing houses. But today, with greater care taken to produce truly relevant and valuable content, and to mark the advertorial as exactly what it is, advertorials are becoming much more widely accepted on the Internet.

The best advertorials showcase the advertiser’s expertise without being blatantly promotional. Check out all the different types of native ads, and then a few native advertising examples who are knocking it out of the park.



The Internet is the easiest place to advertise directly to your market. If you publish knitting magazines with publishing houses like Magazines Today, you can get 100% relevancy by advertising on knitting sites and yarn shops.

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If you’re a regional magazine, you can limit your advertising to specific geographic areas. There’s no waste and lots of direct contact with exactly the people who will appreciate your content.


Now that you can include videos, surveys and other interactive activities in your ads, you have many more opportunities to engage with your audience. Let your potential customers have fun, share your clever ads and become ever more loyal to you, using all the technology that’s available today.