The Role of Print Magazines in The Digital Era

As we head deeper into the age of digital media, the mantra of “print media is dead” seems to echo thru the din. This criticism has been echoed since the first computers became a staple of the modern household.  But in fact, independent, non-traditional periodicals are, in fact, booming. There are more business magazines New Zealand choices than ever on today’s newsstands.  

The public’s love affair with business magazines New Zealand by Magazines Today has remained relatively unchanged. It’s a tactile relationship; it’s the touch, the feel, the weight of the magazine in your hands, the sound of the turning pages and the smell of the ink that completes the relationship.

Most consumers don’t relate to a print business magazines New Zealand as personal product, but rather as an escape from reality. A lot of thought, time and devotion go into every printed issue. Conversations with style makers, news changers and product specialists all combine to create the readers overall experience. Everything about business magazines New Zealand exudes quality.

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Top-name fashion and style magazines as well as business magazines New Zealand like Magazines Today are a seductive medium for luxury brands, editorial context and optimal print quality make a perfect fit for such high-ticket products and brands. We can’t deny that the end result is to drive consumer traffic to the lifestyle, products and companies that are located within its pages, but the content needs to connect with the reader on a cerebral and heartfelt manner.

In digital mediums, ie: Television, Web Videos, Social Media; consumers regularly want to skip the advertising. But in business magazines New Zealand like Magazines Today it is seen as part of the Readers experience. Magazines are read without distraction; 87 per cent of magazine readers focus on the content. They do not watch or listen to another medium at the same time. This attention offers a major benefit for advertisers, as an important percentage of the readers will digest the ad and the brand name, delivering a higher impact.

A study in 2014 showed that after seeing a magazine ad 35% of readers went to visit the website of the advertiser. This can offer advertisers new ways of measuring the success of magazine advertising. 45% of respondents of a survey indicated that business magazines New Zealand like Magazines Today have inspired them to purchase products that were advertised. Magazine content, covers and ads are also highly talked about, creating a buzz among readers. Ie: Most recently, the Vanity Fair cover featuring Caitlyn Jenner as well as the Kanye & Kim wedding issue of Vogue.

 As businesses seek to bring in new markets and untapped consumers, the power of Print a very affordable and creative advertising medium. Advertising in magazines is still one of the most effective ways of building brands at the right time. Print magazines can speak to many different cultures and interests. Print magazines can have a long read life as just one issue can be passed along and shared hundreds of times with consumers from all walks of life. So open your mind to re-embracing Print Magazines as a part of your advertising media budget.

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Tips on Making Effective E-Newsletters

In the society today, working people do not want gaudy advertisements and overbearing PR campaigns. They want to know about the company behind the products. With all of the corruption, sweatshops, and problems with the economy, it is important to buy from companies that they can trust, whether it is the products or the men and women behind the products. Consumers need to know that your company’s products can solve their problems due to your expertise in certain areas and e-newsletters Christchurch are perfect tools to let consumers turn into your customers. Magazines Today can build you better e-newsletters Christchurch that can be effective in attracting more people.


The economic recession over the past years has hurt consumers trust in companies. By giving your customers ingenious tips and tricks to deal with their problems, you add trust to your company’s image and you show that you care for their financial woes. Through monthly e-newsletters Christchurch properly laid out by Magazines Today, you share tips and secrets for smart shopping and demonstrate to your subscribers that you are willing to help them through difficult financial times with your insider knowledge.


Consistency is the most important thing when planning your e-newsletters Christchurch. If you are not able to remain consistent, readers will stop following it. Just like a magazine is released monthly, weekly, etc., your newsletter should follow a similar pattern. Do not skip issues or fill them with unimportant information. Plan your newsletters and always release them the same day every time. Readers will then start to expect your e-newsletters Christchurch in their inboxes and your company will start to be synonymous with Tuesdays, for example. Your company will develop name recognition and will make obvious your company’s stability and reliability. Magazines Today will be a great partner to bring success to your e-mail marketing.

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Always compose your e-newsletters Christchurch with thoughtful, exciting information that is practical for their everyday lives and problems. But if you cannot, then you can ask Magazines Today to compose the e-newsletters Christchurch for you. If you just fill your newsletters with the same bland things, people will stop reading them and your company will suffer, so be sure that you include discounts and deals made specifically for newsletter subscribers. Make sure that you proofread your newsletters. You do not want someone to read it and realize that it is filled with misspelled words, horrible grammar, and poor writing! Along with proper writing, make your newsletter visually pleasing and easy to read. Your design format should be simple but still visually stimulating. Over stimulating them is exactly what you do not want to do! If you plan to include links to items on your websites, make sure that they work! Make sure that your newsletter is easy to navigate, especially for less adept computer users. If information is hard to find, your readers will not bother to look for it. Present the most important news as the predominant part of your letter and use attention-grabbing headlines. Remember that this is not one big advertisement. Distribute your letters without unwanted spam and include ways for your customers to contact you.

Your goal is to supply your subscribers with an e-newsletter that will demonstrate your company’s area of expertise and should be used to drive your business forward.

Newsletter templates are one of the many tools that can assist you in creating newsletters quickly and cost effectively. Even more convenient are services provided for by companies like Magazines Today.

Magazines Today can provide businesses with ready-made newsletter templates, designed, formatted and filled with professionally written copy. All you need to do is add your company information and send to your customers.