Advantages of E-NewsLetters to Advertisers

Business marketing departments today are always looking for new ways to promote and attract customers to their businesses. This goes the same with publishers like Magazines Today who are being signed to do the ads of businesses. One marketing tactic that continues to gain momentum is advertising though e-newsletters. Sending targeted messages to a select group of customers can increase your bottom line while building awareness and loyalty to your business. For these reasons, advertising through e-newsletters that can be created by Magazines Today has some important advantages over other types of advertising.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of e-newsletters is cost. While a traditional newsletter or advertisement with Magazines Today requires an investment for printing and mailing, and in some cases, design, advertising in your e-newsletter is inexpensive. The primary cost associated with e-newsletters is engaging the services of an e-mail service provider. Avoid using your company email system or personal email addresses to send e-newsletters. A commercial e-newsletter service from Magazines Today provides cost-effective templates and mailing services that allow you to design professional-looking newsletters and track your results. In most cases, these services are far less expensive than traditional advertising media.

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Targeted Marketing

Using your company e-newsletters for advertising helps you reach your targeted market, often customers who have already expressed an interest in your product or service. Customers who sign up to receive the newsletter, whether through your website or social media feeds, or agree to receive future communications when they make a purchase, already have a relationship with your company and may appreciate receiving advertisements about special offers or new products via email. Take care when collecting email addresses, and respect customer requests to be removed from mailing lists. If you’re company is blacklisted by an ISP for sending spam, your e-newsletters campaign is not going to be effective. Hence, it is best to leave the job to experienced publishers like Magazines Today.

Added Value

An effective email newsletter engages customers with your company and brand, and gets them to pay attention to the advertisement. Consumers often receive dozens of email pitches every day, all from companies who want them to purchase their product or service. Combine these messages with the hundreds of TV, radio, Internet and print advertisements customers see and hear each day, and it’s easy for your message to get lost in the chatter. However, providing useful and engaging e-newsletters through Magazines Today content keeps customers interested, and helps build loyalty to your company. Fill your newsletters with content that provides tips, instructions or ideas on how to use your products encourages customers to read further, and add value to the communication.

Reputation Management

If you aren’t sending your own e-newsletters with information and advertising, you can often purchase ad space in other established newsletters like the Magazines Today. Purchasing ad space in another newsletter offers the same advantages of designing your own newsletter, including cost effectiveness and a targeted audience, all while taking advantage of the established reputation and customer base of another business. This is especially useful for new or lesser-known businesses. Purchasing advertisements in outside e-newsletters also helps you conserve internal resources. You do not have to manage the email list, and in most cases, the newsletter provider will write and design your ad.

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