Helpful Tips on Designing Magazine Ads

If you are advertising with publishers Christchurch in a magazine, then there are different ways to make sure that the advert works for you as well as possible. Assuming your message and your offer has been decided, it is important that the design that publishers Christchurch prepare of your advert works well. Here are 7 helpful tips on designing magazine ads which we believe will help you with your design.

Suitability for the magazine audience

If you are advertising with publishers Christchurch in an up market glossy like Magazines Today, then it is important that your advert is also upmarket and glossy so that it reflects the ideals of the readership. If your advert is designed well and suits the magazine, it will also have a greater chance of being pushed up to the front pages, so that it gets more readership traffic than in the lower pages. 

Right hand side is preferred over the left

Psychologically, people tend to prefer options that are to the right of them rather than to the left of them: and so try to make sure the offers of your advert with publishers Christchurch like Magazines Today, your company name and details are all aligned to the right. If you can get your advert on a right hand page of a magazine, this is also great!

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Magazine adverts prepared by publishers Christchurch like Magazines Today are printed on paper, and often high quality paper which means that they will have to be of high resolution to look good. Make sure any images or pictures have at least 300 dots per inch to have a crystal clear and beautiful image, no matter what size the advert will be blown up to fit the magazine. Get a proof of your ad by using cheap a4 flyer printing or similar.

Include your call to action

Unlike digital advertising which is easy to track and monitor, print advertising with publishers Christchurch like Magazines Today is more difficult to measure and so a good magazine advert should have a prompt call to action on it. 

Choose images wisely

When you are choosing the imagery and style of your advert, it is important that your advert is still recognizable as an advert and does not blend into invisibility in the magazine, and not appear like a photograph or other magazine page decoration. 

Use the space well

A good advert will make use of all available space on magazines like Magazines Today, either through using colors, pictures or lettering. This doesn’t mean that you need to crowd in as much as possible into the advert, but simply means that you fill any space left with some form of design. For simple adverts you would want from publishers Christchurch, this could mean something as basic as a line of color that breaks up any leftover white space, or it could mean filling the advert with imagery and scenery. An advert should also be very clear in what it is offering, so be sure to make the message of the advert the central focus, and avoid getting carried away with beautifying the advert to the cost of the ultimate message.

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Test the advert

Before you commit your advert to the magazine, it is absolutely essential to test your advert by showing it to people to see if they can get the right message from your advert. The best way to do this is to get a few copies printed using an a4 poster printing company and show them around. Sometimes, when you have been designing an advert all day, you lose the objective eye it needs to judge whether it is a good advert or not: so showing others, and being open to criticism will make sure your design is doing what it needs to do for a magazine advert.


How Ads Help Consumers of Today

Advertising not only benefits the publishers and producers and traders but benefits the customer as well. Advertising provides awareness of the existence of the product to the customer. Customer satisfaction is of immense priority in modern marketing and the importance of advertising can’t be ignored as such.

The ads on business magazines like the Magazines Today greatly satisfies a wide range of need for consumers, the same way its ad spaces satisfies the need of publishers and producers for being introduced to the world.

The importance of Advertising then on Magazines Today for customers can be discussed under the following sub-head.

Convenience: Advertising indeed benefits the relationship between publishers and producers as their products and magazine will be patronized by consumers but it also helps people feel more relaxed. Ads on Magazines Today make shopping easy by reducing the time and effort involved shopping. People become aware of the source and availability of different products and need not search them out. They can make better choice among different varieties.

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Education of consumers: Advertising provides education and knowledge to consumers about new products and their diverse uses, benefiting all three parties involves such as the consumer, publishers and producers. Consumers get the benefit of better advice in safe and proper use of products and develop new ways of life through detailed product description on ads in magazines like Magazines Today. In this way advertising makes for better living.

Lower prices: Ads on Magazines Today are proven cost-effective hence benefiting both publishers and producers. However, effective advertising also reduces costs due to large scale production and elimination of wholesalers. As a result customers get goods at lower prices. Prices of advertised goods fluctuate less widely and unscrupulous traders cannot easily exploited consumers by overcharging. Many expensive products of yesteryears have come within the reach of the common man due to continuous advertising and consequent reduction in prices. Advertising helps to eliminate unnecessary middlemen, thereby making products cheaper for the consumers.

Better quality: Advertising on Magazines Today is generally done through brand names. Producers try to create special features in their products to successfully communicate product differentiation, the magazine on the other hand comes up with ways on how these differences will be noticed most especially when there is a long list of details to a product. This is basically how the publishers and producers relationship works, but this strategy also benefits the consumers. Need to find arguments in advertising and desire to live up to the image, leads them to improve quality and product design. Consequently, consumers get better quality and variety of goods.

Consumers’ surplus: Advertising done by publishers and producers brings the customer closer to the latter so that each can fully appreciate the needs of the other. Such understanding helps in better matching of products and services with human needs. Through advertising, consumers better appreciate the utility of products and derive higher satisfaction from their consumption. This satisfaction and pleasure derived by them from the products is called consumers’ surplus.

All these benefits provided to the customers has significant role in customer satisfaction, a very important aspect of modern marketing.

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